Unmasking Spiritual Abuse with NakedPastor David Hayward - Touchy Subjects Podcast

Episode 8

Published on:

27th Sep 2023

Unmasking Spiritual Abuse with NakedPastor David Hayward

In this episode of the Touchy Subjects Podcast, Erin Billings engages in a thought-provoking conversation with David Hayward, also known as Naked Pastor, shedding light on the crucial topic of spiritual abuse within religious institutions. David shares his journey from being a pastor for three decades to becoming a full-time artist and community leader, emphasizing the importance of transparency within the Church.

We Discussed:

  • What Spiritual Abuse is and what it looks like
  • The red flags of Spiritual Abuse
  • Deconstructing after Spiritual Abuse
  • How to report Spiritual Abuse
  • Accountability in the Church

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About our Guest:

David Hayward served the church for about 30 years, then left the ministry in 2010.

He’s been running the nakedpastor blog since 2005 where he posts his provocative cartoons and articles, as well as his artwork.

He launched an online community called The Lasting Supper, a place for people to change without being judged or instructed, and where they can learn to become spiritually independent.

He’s been cartooning, making art, writing, and speaking around his core passions: personal authentic freedom, the power to change our own lives, community, and the creative spirit to make our world a better place.

He and his wife live in eastern Canada. They have three adult children.

Connect with NakedPastor David Hayward:

Website: www.nakedpastor.com

Instagram: @nakedpastor

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The panelists that are speaking on this podcast have been intentionally chosen to tell their story from their perspective without censorship. Some panelists are pastors or church leaders, some panelists are deconstructing their faith, and some panelists are subject matter experts on a topic whose guidance can help this audience.

Our mission is not to expose the Church, but to have conversations that will open eyes, open ears and open hearts toward growth, healing, and unity.

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